May 13, 2009

Comic Love: Do comics give you an eye for perspective?

The I-didn't-get-a-chance-to-present presenter.

The confident presenter. (No choking up this time). Bravo!

So, do comics give you an eye for perspective? Yes. We think so.
Take any of the great comics and the first thing you'd notice as a designer is the depth of mood and the perspective feel to the whole layout that tells a story of its own even before you read the text. All in a little square space.

That's what we were discussing over our meeting last Friday. We were asked to choose strips and then make a presentation answering the following:
1. Why you like the comic strip.
2. What you learned from it.
3. How you will be using your learning in your work.

This, again, was a learning. We learned:
1. that we must creat the right mood with whatever design we come up with.
2. that we can creat the right mood only if we know what is being conveyed by the design and to whom.
3. that perspective is very important in conveying a mood, especially when you have to bring in even the tiniest bit of detail into your design.
4. that detail is what creates the mood in the first place.


Anonymous said...

that's really a good improvement...BTW, do you also guide the designers as to how should they percieve a brief ...becoz, we as seniors interact with clients (internal & external) suggestion is, it will be good if we could also give them a perspective about the entire process...end to end. This will help them improve their self confidence and deliver not only btter jobs but make them a better human being...what say :)

- ramkee

Rage Communications said...

Thanks for commenting Ramkee. That's a good take on perspective there. We will get this actioned because it sounds very practical. True, it's so much better when everyone understands what the other is doing, for the collective good.