May 22, 2009

Sparking Breakthrough Creativity in Advertising

"It works!" say most people who have read it and applied its principles. And many of these people have been from outside advertising - poets, painters, engineers, scientists.

James Webb Young describes the workings of the creative process in 5 simple steps.

1. Gather the raw materials - do your research.
2. Go through them meticulously and get your mind to absorb them.
3. Then just let go! Let your unconscious mind work on them.
4. Soon, you'll have your "Eureka!" moment - your idea will reveal itself.
5. Now sit down and give shape and form to your idea.

If you've known or suspected this all along, you must get your hands on his book right away. Here's what one reader says: "Highly recommended for anyone whose profession requires novelty, new ideas, and creativity. Buy - don't borrow - read, re-read, and dog ear this little gem!"

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