May 27, 2009

Posters - Putting ourselves to the test

Last Friday, May 22, we discussed posters.

Actually, we designed posters to spread awareness about Global Warming. Most of us came up with reasonably good work. Then while each of us were presenting, more ideas fired up. It was a good learning overall as we learned that:

- two heads are better than one, more the merrier and more productive
- discarding ideas even before they are full blown is bad strategy, you just might see your own discarded idea come to life in someone else's hands
- research pays
- earnest research pays handsomely
- getting the brief clear is half the job done
- posters by their very nature demand cursory but arresting attention and should therefore be designed keeping this in mind
- any copy on the poster must be well crafted

Yes! We learned quite a bit that at the end of the meeting we decided to take another look at our posters and clean them up. Chip away at the flab and litter and make them more attention-worthy.

We've even decided to print them and have them placed around office which means we better be scrupulous with our cleaning up and review at the next meeting.

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