June 23, 2009

Looking up some good work

"This Friday, each of us will present EITHER the best press advertisement OR the best television commercial OR the best online banner OR the best poster we know of" went the mail that announced last weeks meeting agenda. "Any one of these only, remember" was the rejoinder.

- Ahila presented the Happydent TVC
- Lavanya presented the Arun Icecream commercial
- Sampath presented the Fevicol TVC
- Tanuja presented the Raymond's TVC
- Kavitha presented the Zurich Chamber Orchestra press campaign
- Suresh sent us all a mail of his choice of the Vodafone (pug) TVC
- So did Jaideep send mail of his choice of the Axion 'belt up' TVC
- Rajesh presented a poster for the movie Chicken Little

We've decided to do another round next week. We'll put in our combined learnings then.

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