September 25, 2009

XML... Mind It!

Today we had an interesting and engaging meeting, where Karthik enlightened us with the possibilities of XML or Extensible Markup Language and certain scripting tools.

But the meeting actually started with OMG! stares and stifled yawns. Actually a PPT did it. The presenter had done his homework.

That's pretty much how all of us were sitting at the meeting.

Until this!

OMG! Can you believe that this bit of work is XML coding? Most of us couldn't. There was even a 360 degree rotating image of a room that Karthik slapped us with. Vidhyavathi was kind enough to explain that all you need to do this is 6 perfect photographs. One each of the four walls, one of the ceiling and one of the floor. It is then stitched together to give you a 360 degree view of a room!

‘Interesting’ is putting it mildly. When we left, most of us were excited. Why, we even thanked Karthik.
Correction: The face thing is done using Away3D and PixelBender. The room that's mentioned in the post is done using Papervision3D.


Vidhya said...

The effect is done through Flash 3d engine like Away3d and Pixel bender and not from the xml.

tkjaikumar said...

There are several 3D Engines like Papervision 3D, Away 3D, Sandy 3D, etc.,

This is not done in XML

Pixelbender is script tool where you can build engine, filters for flash after effects etc.,

Rage Communications said...

@Vidhya: Thank you for the correction. Perhaps you could direct us to some links where we could get a better picture? Sure, we could Google it... but...

@tkjaikumar: Thank you. Could you refer any 'Script Tools 4 Dummies' kind of website where some of us could get a better bite of this?