September 23, 2009

Taking a leaf from entrepreneurship

Communication skill isn't the perogative of only those in the communication industry. It is also a life-skill for entrepreneurs. And we in the communication business could learn a thing or two from them. Below is an article that appeared in NEN Online.

What is the most important skill for entrepreneurs? Story-telling. Using a few words to engage, enlighten and inspire. How else do you get people to join your team? How do you get a customer to buy from you? It's not your track record. It's your ability to sell. It's your ability to tell a story.

Telling a story well requires more than a silver tongue. You need to impart critical information, in a structured manner, in a very short time. Ideally 3 minutes or less.

Topics to cover:
- Who are your customers and what is their problem that you plan to solve?
- How big is the overall problem?
- How are you planning to solve the problem - specifically! Don't say something like, "We plan to - provide rural healthcare."
- What is the benefit to the customer?
- How much will it cost?

Can't do all that in 3 minutes? Check this out: 2 minutes and 48 seconds of the best "pitch" we have seen in years. And it's not even a company.

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