December 04, 2009

Just how prepared are we?

Never mind who Stratopheres, above, is. Or what his ten commandments are. But there's a new year coming and with it a deluge of innovations in digital space. Dig this - December is online gaming season in India. At least that is what the trade has to tell us and they aren’t usually wrong.
That's just one of the little things that are happening in digital space. Come to think of it, everything is so little and momentary in digital space. So much so that the One Club has launched quarterly judging for the One Show Interactive Awards. (Psst – Meanwhile Ashton Kutcher is preparing to be the next media mogul if you believe the media. Insane! Or not. Depends on how you see it.)

In this world, going digital with a vengeance, and everyone wanting a piece of the pie, just how prepared are we?

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