December 04, 2009

We didn't have a presentation... But we met all the same


"You don't understand a 'no'? Ok. Talk to the hand then... and let me finish up on the phone while you do". Or so says Shobhana when this photographer passed by on his way to the conference room to take a tepid shot of a TV. His idea of representing a 'no meeting'.

We didn't have a presentation this time since we didn't have a laptop, the usual one being unavailable. But we did have a little session on the importance of catching up in this fast changing digital world.

This was last week.

We didn't meet today either as the presenter wasn't available. So we meet next week. One wonders who would read a post about not having a meeting. If by chance you did, would you leave a comment too? Just a smiley would do.

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creative agency said...

Why is she hiding her face in the last photos? Can anyone guess why?