December 14, 2009

Really! Is Flash THAT Easy?

After a couple of aborted attempts to get the Friday Morning Meeting going we finally had a presentation. Actually, Sornavel's presentation almost did not happen when the laptop we use regularly turned stubborn and acted up. But what had us that morning was a line in the presentation that went - flash does not require programming skills and is easy to learn.


That line is deceptive. Besides, the presentation was tepid and that's being kind. Only the copywriters would have learnt a thing or two while it was a case of re-inventing the wheel for the others.

Question: Should topics for presentation be so shallow as to be easy to wade through without much thought being put into it? Surely not. So why aren't we more careful in choosing topics? Next week we discuss the 10 best flash websites so far, so we've been told. Is that a good, healthy topic that all can learn from? Perhaps.

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