December 14, 2009

What's a Viral? This is a Viral! is a viral.

Why so? Because the moment this author chanced on it and got familiar with it, the URL went out to almost 30 people by mail. And a hell of a lot more via Twitter.

This is vintage viral:
-- It's simple, way too simple to understand and built with insight.
-- It's interactive in the sense that you want to immediately check out the bells and whistles of this piece and find out more. In this case there' isn't very much to find out by the very nature of this website.
-- It makes a difference to you, even if it only brings on a smile. In this case, it's way more than a smile. Try it here.
-- You know for sure that a lot more people other than yourself would genuinely appreciate it.
-- You like the fact that a majority of the people you intend to send this to will be getting it for the first time.

There you have it. A viral!

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