December 18, 2009

What should brands be in this Age of Conversation?

Social media is the rage, not just because it's a current trend. Oh no. Not to the serious players. What must your personality be in this digital word-of-mouth environment that we call social media? Here's an interesting summation by Peter Friedman of LiveWorld.

He exhorts us to ask a few questions to clear the air before we make the plunge. Would sound more like Ogilvy-era gospel, but it's so much more relevant now.

1. If you met your brand at a party, how would you describe it?
2. What voice should your brand speak in?
3. From within your company, who would be a good archetype for that voice?
4. Is your brand more likely to engage in conversation or help others do the same?
5. If you could invite your customers over, what would you do together?
6. What social causes do you care about?

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