March 12, 2010

Can you make me a viral please!

Virals. Those chimera digital properties that create a life of their own once they capture our imagination, was the topic of debate or rather Bhavna's topic for her presentation today.

After the usual wrestle with the laptop, which we're all used to by now, we came to the conclusion that:

Virals are not made. As in, you can only hope to create something viral, something that people would appreciate. (For that matter, would it be right to know the pulse of the people and feed that pulse like a film producer or director does, so that one is surer of the viral effect of a viral? This calls for another post.)

Virals must never look like advertisements, which is why most so-called viral marketing efforts fall flat on their phoney faces.

Virals must be endearing, it must make you laugh or it must inspire you or make you go 'wow'. It must be worth another watch and another.

Virals can be anything. A movie clip. A parody animation. A letter. A photograph. It can be just about anything.

And then Bhavna pulled a plug giving us a black screen to stare at till it was up again after which we went through examples of virals. And more virals.

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