March 25, 2010

Is this how you make a great product placement in the digital world?

Absolut Vodka recently premiered a documentary about Jay-Z. The film focuses on the rapper and his September 11 benefit concert at Madison Square Garden in New York.

If you notice, the product placement in this 15-minutes long video is subtle. In agency terms, the word Absolut appears twice on the video. Then towards the end, the rapper and his entourage are seen celebrating with Absolut Vodka - not in an in-your-face way, but in a very natural way. So natural that you'd almost miss it. The Absolut bottle is shown for just a split second on a tray. And this is at the very end of the 15 minute video, a couple of minutes before the credits start to roll.

Clearly, this one is targeted at the fans of Jay-Z, a huge base at that. And the video is unmistakably fan centric, not advertiser/product centric. But Absolut comes through shining bright. This must be one of the best product placements in a long, long while. One worth emulating?

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