April 06, 2009

GoaFest 09 - A Win By Proxy!

To us in the ad fraternity, Goa takes on a more alluring, if temperamental, sheen around March each year. It's suddenly about awards and not just about beaches and wicked cocktails. This year, Rage had reason to celebrate too, albeit by proxy. It was a gold win for jallikatu.com in the Interactive Digital Advertising and Website category at the GoaFest '09 that brought smiles all around. Jallikattu.com is an initiative of Times of India, India's premier newspaper.

The concept and design for this gold-winning website that debates the pros and cons of jallikattu, the age old bull fight that rivals the one in Spain for it's sheer energy, was executed by
JWT. Rage handled the tech bit to get it up and running. Congratulations JWT!

What's your take on jallikattu? Are you for it or against it? To vote,



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rathish said...

Hey there! That was a good read... I was at GoaFest this year and if your were there as well you could spot yourself at these pics @ http://www.spiritzandmore.com/whyte-and-mackay-goafest. Please leave your comments... See you next year at GoaFest! Happy Blogging!!! :)