June 03, 2009

Nowhere Complete

Those posters we talked about last week are nowhere near complete. Well, yes, we do have the beginings in place, but now we need to get serious about completing them, cleaning up design, crafting copy, trimming the flab. We do have our constraints, but hey, is it not possible to put in a couple of hours on weekends to complete them? We have a Saturday and Sunday to ourselves.

The meeting on 29th May was centered around these posters. Since this post is a wee bit late, we forget what really transpired at that meeting. (Or is it because nothing really transpired?)

We did learn one thing though: that at our Friday Morning Meetings, it's better to get everyone to disect or discuss a piece of work. We've done that successfully for the past few weeks and learned quite a bit from the exercises too. Guess we need to get back to that.

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